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My name is Beverly...and I live in Riverview, Florida on a small farm.  Have Chihuahuas, horses...and a house cat named Buffy.

Am married, but husband has Alzheimers, and is presently in a nursing home.  I have children, but only one living in the area. 

Writing is one of my favorite things to do, and I try to write about things in my life that I consider important.  Animals are one of my favorite subjects.

I am originally from OHio, then Michigan...but have lived here in Florida for over 30 years now.

Still miss my home town (Toledo, Ohio) and I guess you never really get over that. 

Hope that you enjoy my blogs...comment when you want...I appreciate constructive criticism.

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    The woman with a lot of kids

    3 years ago

     Yesterday there was a big article in my newspaper about a homeless woman with no less than 12 kids.  Actually, she had 15, but three had aged out of "the system", meaning, they were over 18. These...

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